A New Era of Broadcast Has Arrived

3D Simulcasting:  Launching sports beyond the screen with volumetric video

Redefining Live Sports

Take control of how you experience your favorite sports…

…from choosing the viewing angles to selecting your audio

Enriching the At-Home Experience

Designed by sports fans – for sports fans

Full 6DoF and Playback Controls

Watch from any angle you choose – rewind and zoom in to get the perfect shot.

True Real-Time Streaming

Never experience any additional latency compared to a traditional 2D stream.

Unique Audio Feeds

Immerse yourself in the complete soundscape of the event – the energy of the crowd, the voices of the commentators, and the intensity of the action.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is volumetric broadcast?

Volumetric broadcasting is a new form of 3D capture that presents a three-dimensional experience. It allows viewers to partake in a more immersive and interactive form of content, providing a sense of depth and realism.

How does this technology work?

Utilizing standard color cameras, in conjunction with depth cameras, Soar can real-time mesh and stream 3D content to any device with no added latency.

What's the difference between volumetric and 360 video?

Volumetric video captures not only 2-Dimensions in a 360 degree view, but actually captures 3-Dimensions. The way we naturally perceive things. By capturing the content in 3D, this allows us to provide total control to the end viewers – from controlling the camera they’re watching, to the movements those cameras make. It’s the power of controlling the broadcast right from your couch.

What devices can I view this content on?

You can view volumetric content on all of your favorite devices – iOS/Android, iPad, Mac/Windows, Apple TV, Meta Quest, and Apple Vision Pro.

How complicated is it to control the experience?

It is as intuitive as sliding your finger around the screen, moving your cursor, or tapping on your Apple TV remote. No need to break out a video game controller.

What internet speeds are required?

Just like your favorite streaming services, standard internet speeds will suffice – anywhere from 10-20Mbps.

Is there any additional latency?

The latency is extremely similar to a traditional 2D stream – when we say real-time, we mean real-time.

How do I try this out?

Join us in our upcoming pilot launch – sign up below and we’ll notify you of our upcoming events.

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