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Another dimension brings new questions. Here's a few common ones

What is Volumetric Video?

Volumetric Video is an emerging format that features moving “images” of real people that exist truly in 3D – such as holograms – allowing a user to view from any angle, at any given time.

How is Volumetric Video captured?

Volumetric Video is captured using depth cameras- anything from an Xbox Kinect to a purpose built device like the Intel RealSense camera.  Even the iPhone TrueDepth camera is capable of capturing Volumetric Video.

Who can use the platform?

Anyone and everyone!  We’ve built tools to enable creators to explore, capture & stream volumetric video, and we’ve also built a distribution platform that lets viewers connect with content creators and engage with volumetric media.

Do I need hardware to view the content?

Just the computer in your pocket!  Our platform works on virtually any network as well as virtually every modern smartphone.  If you have an AR headset and would like to use the platform you can, but mobile/tablet works too!

Which HMDs do you support for viewership?

Right now the platform works on Magic Leap One, Hololens and Hololens 2.  We’re working on support for other devices, and if you have a suggestion or would like us to build support for your device feel free to send us a note!

I want to create content, how do I get started?

Awesome!  We’re setting up our creator program now, so be sure to send us a note and sign up for early access to the platform!

How much does the platform cost for viewers?

Viewers can consume content across all creators on the platform for free!  Individual creators will have the ability to launch premium content, which can be paid, but most of the platform will remain free.

Will I be slammed with ads if it's free?

We believe the first step is to make the user experience the best it can possibly be.  For that reason, we’ll keep ads off the platform as long as we can (without bankrupting the company).  If you have thoughts on the user experience and how we can improve it, please reach out!  We love hearing feedback (good or bad) from those we build for.