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Release Notes - 1.3.0

Capture Suite

Per-Camera Point Cloud PLY Export - None (black), Per-view color (color from point cloud setting within Capture Suite), Per-view texture (uses color camera textures).

Texture Bleed Removal - new setting within volumization rendering which will reduce texture bleed.

Unity Package

Functionality Improvements:

  • Added new instance cloning functionality to allow developers to generate crowds of instances using one volumetric clip as reference.

Stability Improvements - under the hood improvements.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Implemented a setup wizard to automatically configure project settings based on rendering pipeline.
  • Shaders for each rendering pipeline are no longer split into unlit and lit versions, lighting can be applied using the Lighting Settings on the Volumetric Render component.
  • Added behavior checkboxes to Volumetric Render component to allow volumetric clip to either hide or be completely disposed of when clip has fininshed playing.
  • Added event hook to Volumetric Render component to allow developers to hook function calls when volumetric clip has finished playing.
  • Added custom log level dropdown to CreateSDK component to give developers the ability to choose what type of logs come from Soar SDK.

Web Portal

Capture Suite 1.3.0 - new release ready for immediate download.

Unity Package 1.3.0 - new release ready for immediate download.