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Release Notes - 1.2.0

Capture Suite

Capture Room Temperature Note (w/ indicator) - we now suggest having a temperature controlled room, with quality airflow, where the temperature is set in the range between 50 and 75 fahrenheit. Temperatures towards the upper bounds, and higher, have shown to reduce calibration and capture quality; there will be an indicator on camera tab if the camera falls outside of this range.

Capture Room Background - ensure there is not a massive valid area (black pixels) in your capture background; causes lower quality calibrations.

MVE + PLY - you can now export PLY sequences in MVE format.

Texture Bleed Reduction - for both real-time and raw captures (including meshes).

Texture Colors for Point Cloud PLY - point cloud PLY files now have texture colors.

Depth Map per Camera - unfilled (raw depth map from the camera), filled (post-processed hole filled depth map), and confidence (shows the confidence map that correlates to the confidence facing gain setting); confidence processing is not shown until preview has been switched on.

Camera Facing Confidence Gain - the more you increase this setting, the more you'll see the gradients stand out (and get penalized).

Save Settings/Load Settings - renamed to save/load named.

Room-scale Captures - lower the minimum coverage setting down to 1.

Artifacts such as Ceiling in Scene - increase minimum coverage value.

Audio Failed to Open WMF Audio Device - other software has taken control of the audio device, ensure nothing else is running or disable exclusive mode (steps to disable exclusive mode are found within the tips and tricks section in the Capture Suite documentation).

Unity Package

Stability Improvements - under the hood improvements.

Web Portal

Capture Suite 1.2.0 - new release ready for immediate download.

Unity Package 1.2.0 (Apple and Windows) - new release ready for immediate download.

Billing Section - can now access the billing section; modify your payment method, billing address, and view your billing history.