Introducing Capture Suite
Everything you need to capture, compress, and distribute volumetric video


What’s the secret?
It’s all about the little things.

Soar employs a proprietary compression technique to ensure we’re saving the least amount of data for the best possible quality reconstruction. Think near-lossless volumetric video for the same amount of bandwidth as a 2D video stream.

Capture in real-time.


Our compression technique and optimized software enable real-time volumetric livestreaming and previews.


Whenever, wherever.

Soar’s industry-leading calibration and setup time means you can calibrate in a minute and get set up in less than an hour. All the equipment you need fits in a Pelican case.

Unity Screenshot

Reach an unlimited audience.

Export in Soar’s optimized file format, PLY or OBJ sequence. Play your captures back in our complimentary SDKs for Unity, Unreal* and web*.

We also provide workflows for integrating with 3rd-party tools that support OBJ sequences such as Arcturus HoloEdit

*Coming soon


No cameras? No problem.

Buy Azure Kinects and a pre-configured hardware package directly from us.

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Product Summary

Capture Suite is a Windows application for recording and streaming volumetric video in real-time.

  • Connect and calibrate as many sensors as your hardware allows or as few as one. Capture 360-degrees of a person with as few as 4 cameras
  • Compute sensor data into a high-resolution, textured watertight mesh
  • Record synchronized external audio
  • Export to our compressed data format at 10-20Mbps
  • Supports wired camera sync
  • ~30 second calibration procedure
  • Real-time preview
  • Save raw sensor data for reprocessing and export
  • Write to traditional 3D formats such as PLY and OBJ
  • Stream locally or broadcast over the internet
  • Static capture mode for high-resolution acquisition of a still scene
  • Advanced texture bleed reduction and de-noising algorithms
  • Per-camera color controls and post-processing

Soar CMS provides cloud infrustructure for livestreaming and VOD content delivery.

  • CMS and hosting for uploading and sharing captured content
  • Low-latency livestreaming infrastructure
  • Web-based portal for managing team and projects
  • Account and user management

Soar SDK and Viewer App provide endless creative possibilities on leading platforms.

  • SDKs are complimentary
  • Includes support for playing back live and pre-recorded footage in Unity, with web and Unreal coming soon
  • Supports Unity standard, URP and HDRP rendering pipelines plus the VFX Graph
  • Package comes with sample scenes and demo content
  • Our Soar Viewer app for iOS and Android allows customers to demo and livestream content in AR
  • Our Soar Viewer app for Mac and PC allows customers to play compressed content
  • We provide workflows for integrating with 3rd-party tools that support OBJ sequences such as Arcturus HoloEdit