Introducing Capture Suite

Creation, distribution & consumption tools for volumetric video, built for you to focus on what you do best.

Making software of substance.

Since 2017 Soar has been working quietly in the corner building robust and reliable capture software. Now we are walking away from the corner and into the spotlight with Capture Suite, already used and beloved by major Hollywood studios and independent creators alike.

  • Create in real-time or capture raw and process offline
  • Industry-leading calibration and setup time — calibrate in a minute, get set up in less than an hour
  • Capture a person with as few as 4 cameras
  • Support for up to 1024x1024 depth and up to 4K texture resolution with Azure Kinect sensors and capable hardware
  • Export in Soar’s optimized file format, PLY or OBJ sequence
  • Snap framerates to 24 or 30 FPS
  • Utilize GPU for improved capture performance
  • Record synchronized external audio
  • CMS and hosting for uploading and sharing captured content
  • Web-based portal for managing users and bandwidth consumption
  • Livestream compressed volumetric video across the internet
  • Free SDK
  • Sample app to demonstrate streaming and playback
  • 8th Wall integration (Coming soon!)
Illustration of Capture Suite

Full Unity SDK

Complimentary for you and your customers
  • Builds to Apple platforms, PC and Android
  • Uses the standard renderer, URP, or HDRP
  • Supports the VFX Graph and Unity Timeline
  • Includes unlit and lit shaders with basic re-lighting functionality

Real 3D livestreams.
No hacks, no 2D phonies.

Other applications may claim to do livestreaming, but they often just mean capturing local, 2D video using off-the-shelf cam software or hacking together a workflow using external libraries and tools.

Soar's livestreaming capabilities are built-in. Soar allows you to livestream the full mesh and texture directly from your capture stage into 3D applications with low latency.

Comparison Table

FeatureSoarThe Other GuysThe Big Stages
Price$-$$, Tiered$$, Fixed$$$, Fixed
Real-Time Streaming Volumetric VideoBuilt-inPossible with hacksNo
Render TimeReal-timeAfter CaptureWeeks
Instant CalibrationYes (1 minute)NoNo
Camera TypeAzure KinectAzure KinectVideo/Proprietary
CMS and HostingYesNoNo
Computer RequirementsGaming PCHigh-End WorkstationDon't Even

No cameras? No problem.

Customers can buy Azure Kinects from us at-cost.