Introducing Capture Suite
Everything you need to capture, compress, and distribute volumetric video


What’s the secret?
It’s all about the little things.

Soar employs a proprietary compression technique to ensure we’re saving the least amount of data for the best possible quality reconstruction. Think near-lossless volumetric video for the same amount of bandwidth as a 2D video stream.

Capture in real-time.


Our compression technique and optimized software enable real-time volumetric livestreaming and previews.


Whenever, wherever.

Soar’s industry-leading calibration and setup time means you can calibrate in a minute and get set up in less than an hour. All the equipment you need fits in a Pelican case.

Unity Screenshot

Reach an unlimited audience.

Export in Soar’s optimized file format, as well as GLB, OBJ, and PLY sequence. Play your captures back in our complimentary SDKs for Unity, Unreal* and web*.

We also provide workflows for integrating with 3rd-party tools that support OBJ sequences such as Arcturus HoloEdit

*Coming soon


No cameras? No problem.

Buy Azure Kinects and a pre-configured hardware package directly from us.

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Product Summary

Capture Suite is a Windows application for recording and streaming volumetric video in real-time.

  • Connect and calibrate as many sensors as your hardware allows or as few as one. Capture 360-degrees of a person with as few as 4 cameras
  • Compute sensor data into a high-resolution, textured watertight mesh
  • Record synchronized external audio
  • Export to our compressed data format at 10-20Mbps
  • Supports wired camera sync
  • ~30 second calibration procedure
  • Real-time preview
  • Save raw sensor data for reprocessing and export
  • Write to traditional 3D formats such as GLB, OBJ, and PLY
  • Stream locally or broadcast over the internet
  • Static capture mode for high-resolution acquisition of a still scene
  • Advanced texture bleed reduction and de-noising algorithms
  • Per-camera color controls and post-processing

Soar CMS provides cloud infrastructure for livestreaming and VOD content delivery.

  • CMS and hosting for uploading and sharing captured content
  • Low-latency livestreaming infrastructure
  • Web-based portal for managing team and projects
  • Account and user management

Soar SDK and Viewer App provide endless creative possibilities on leading platforms.

  • SDKs are complimentary
  • Includes support for playing back live and pre-recorded footage in Unity, with web and Unreal coming soon
  • Supports Unity standard, URP and HDRP rendering pipelines plus the VFX Graph
  • Package comes with sample scenes and demo content
  • Our Soar Viewer app for iOS and Android allows customers to demo and livestream content in AR
  • Our Soar Viewer app for Mac and PC allows customers to play compressed content
  • We provide workflows for integrating with 3rd-party tools that support OBJ sequences such as Arcturus HoloEdit