Metabilia and Soar help revolutionize the fan experience

Metabilia is a new technology company with a fresh take on a classic tradition — creating beautiful bespoke digital sports collectibles in partnership with the world’s top athletes. These vibrant NFTs capture the likenesses of these elite players and celebrate their pivotal moments in stunning 3D.

To bring their vision to life, Metabilia needed a volumetric capture partner who could enable them to set up shop where the athletes were. Soar was a natural fit with our ability to capture true-to-life volumetric video in real-time, on-location, with a setup and delivery time measured in hours and minutes — not days and weeks. Proving Soar’s bona fides as an incredibly flexible, portable solution, their latest series was captured in a hotel.

“Last time we did this we had to drive a tractor-trailer from Los Angeles, we showed up an hour ago with 2 Pelican cases and now we're ready to shoot.”

metabilia shoot Behind the Scenes with Vlad Guerrero Jr. Click here to view the finished NFT.

Starting with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays and continuing with Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlantic Braves (with more on their way) — Metabilia’s latest membership series featuring volumetric video provides a unique fan experience. Holders can expect additional airdropped event NFTs, the eligibility to purchase autographed or game-used memorabilia, and access to private Discord appearances.

“Our company uses the Soar Capture Suite along with the Azure Kinect Cameras to record high-level athletes performing poses in volumetric 3D. The Soar Capture Suite provides a high detail model and animation that we can integrate into our NFTs. Our company travels the country to perform these captures so Soar has been a great partner for catering to our travel and tech needs!”

—Steven Marcario, Senior Editor

With Soar, companies like Metabilia are able to be more agile and flexible in their ability to collaborate with top talent. Interested in learning more? Check out Capture Suite and keep an eye on Metabilia as they continue with their series and beyond.